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The International Center for UNESCO Programs Promoting (ICUPP) is set up by the Center “Protection” reorganization, the West-Regional UNESCO Clubs Association Public Organization in Lviv Region, and becomes its successor.

The Center Protection started its activities in 1997. ICUPP was officially registered in 2002, June 21 by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Registration Certificate No 1798).

The main purpose of the Center is to assist in UNESCO’s peace and security enhancing activities and to expand culture and education among the nations in the spirit of respect to Justice, Law, Individual Rights and Freedoms as it declared in the United Nations Organization Charter. ICUPP keeps on programmes and projects realization, prepared by the Center “Protection”.

“The Children of the Street” Programme aims at overcoming the problems of uncared, homeless and begging children (1998-2000). To establish the international recreation center “Solina” (Starosambir Region, Solina settlement) for tuberculosis and asthma prevention and treatment the medical, historical and technical outlines have been drawn. The expert’s estimations show that the territory of the future recreation center is rich in the unique treatment nature, and it is one of the best in Europe in the bone-tuberculosis treatment.

“Energy and the Health of the City” Programme combines the search and registration activities of the geoactive structures which are positive to human being’s health. According to the statistic data, 40-50% of diseases are caused by the geopathogenous zones influence. Therefore, the question of importance is the quality of living conditions, industrial buildings where people spend 80-90% of their time. The “quality” comprises not only the ecologically safe building materials but also natural and technologically pathogenous energetic fields (geopathogenous zones). Geopathogenous zones as a geophysical question, have geophysical environmental changes like magnetic field, electroconductivity of soils, electric potential of atmosphere layer, the level of radioactivity etc. There are many changes in human health functions, like depression, nervous disfunction, headaches and weakness of people who live in the geopathogenous zones. Nine 15-floor blocks and two bridges over the Dniper River have been checked in Rusanivka district (Kyiv) by the time. So developing and introducing of geoecological passport for living conditions is still actual to provide the safety of living before building. The programme shall secure the realization of the right to free place of residence in Ukraine as it was declared in UNESCO’s principles.

“Preclinic Medical Screening Control System Developing Programme” aims at developing of non-influenced health examination, which can provide the estimation of people’s health especially oncological diseases during the short period of time, and systematic dynamic examination as well. Besides, this system should increase the human’s responsibility for its own health and understanding of the self-control method.

“Art Developing and Popularization Programme” includes the concerts for children and young people called “The Musical Routes through Countries and Continents”. To young people, familiar with music. “Homo Ludens” concerts will be of interest. Besides, there are to be organized questioning among this audience to find out the changes in the cultural life of individuals. In the framework of Stravinskyy anniversary celebrations there are planned events like stage production of the composer’s works, which rarely appear; festival, and monograph publishing (“The history of opera stage production”).

The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine and the Musical Theatre for the Children and Youth are to organize the Festival in honour to Sergiy Rachmanin with the range of the composer’s concerts.

Some activities in production of I. Stravimsky and S. Rachmanin works and TV-programmes developing have been undertaken. Among with the Art Center of Y.Tabachnyk a separate programme has been developed to help the talented children on their way to music.

“Children, Violence in Family and Society Programme” aims at violence prevention and children’s treatment of the violence consequences. It comprises the set of measure of the professionals in the fields of psychology, social workers, doctors, lawyers and police workers within the programme realization. There were organized special training seminars for psychologists concerning their work with children; and scientific seminar among the police workers, state administration authorities and doctors. There is to be made one more sociological research of 8000 respondents to estimate the present-day level of violence in the society. Three methodological booklets are planned to be published to help the professionals in this area. As a result the Regional Crisis Center be established to provide the psychological, informational, consulting and law assistance and assist in publishing activities.

“Dangerous Social Behavior Prevention among the Youth Programme” (Regional Aspect) – it is a three year programme aiming at the training of professionals who will work in the area of alcoholism and addiction prevention introducing the system of education of children with the use of interactive methods of work. Five booklets, calendars, medical books be published to prevent alcoholism and addiction in the society. Mobile consulting centers be set up and two scientific conferences be carried out along with the Ministry for Internal Affairs.

The Regional programme “The Second Chance” aims at underaged youth socialization of the Gorodotsk specialized school of social rehabilitation (Lviv region), the process of the positive communication, economics teaching; prevention of crimes, developing of juridical ways of thinking. There are to be organized several activities in the area of education of volunteers from the students, training seminars organization, psychological questioning and two interuniversities conferences on alcoholism and addiction preventing issues.

Recreation zone “Solina” (the project of the world rehabilitation center for children) is situated in Dobromyl district of Lviv region. According to ecogeografical situation

in the country, the zone is situated in the most ecologically clean area in Ukraine. Thanks to the geographical situation this recreation zone deals with the treatment of bone-tuberculosis disease (lung forms as well), asthma (with additional solt mines treatment, for example, as in Solotvyno, Transcarpathian region. There is a set of foreign patients who want to take course of treatment and deliver the payment in foreign currency).

It’s a unique area. It’s also worth mentioning the lung centers in San-Baden and Lesen-Switserland, Merano – Italy, which are situated 2000m. deep under the see level in the Alps. The course of treatment (4-6 weeks) costs 10-12 thousand US dollars. The center treats 30 persons at the same time. These Alps medical centers make the reservations 1-1,5 years in advance. Besides, we cannot find a medical center in Europe, but Dobromyl, which uses climatherapy as the main way of treatment and provide the effective bone-tuberculosis treatment.

“Women And Children Trade: Prevention And Counseling Victims Programme”. The problem at which the project is aimed is the creation of the system for prevention of women and children trade and providing counseling help to victims of trade.

At the end of the last century the women and children trade with the purpose of their sexual abuse started to yield super-profits. In Ukraine, there were created conditions for committing such kinds of crimes. They were stipulated by contradictions and problems connected with redistribution of the work force and unemployment. The reason for these events was the change of social and economical system of the country.

Most often the citizens of Ukraine are brought to the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkan and the Apennine Peninsulas and Middle East. Supply of Ukrainian women is performed under disguise of travel agencies and employment agencies. Only in Kiev there are functioning 59 such agencies. Their founders and employees are Ukrainian citizens as well as citizens of other countries: Israel, former Yugoslavia, Cyprus etc. For example, just during last year more than 100 women were illegally brought to Kosovo, 5% of them were minors of 15-17 years. The average age: 23 years. 83% of them claimed seeking for employment as a main reason for moving abroad. Almost all of them (90%) worked as prostitutes or with no pay. 89% had possibilities to move around only being accompanied or their freedom of movement was totally prohibited.

In 1999 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a special programme concerning prevention of women and children trade. Today in the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about 1700 officers work in special units to prevent women and children trade. The police has discovered a range of channels by which people were illegally moved abroad through transit countries such as Chech Republic, Poland and Russia. There have been stopped the activities of scores of commercial firms, which were involved in people trade under the disguise of employment mediators.

In March, 1999 the Verchovna Rada adopted and in April the Decree of the President of Ukraine put in force a new chapter to the active Criminal Code of Ukraine: Chapter 124-1 “People Trade”, which foresees responsibility for any forms of people trade.

However, all these measures are insufficient. The above data point to the urgency of this problem in Ukraine. Negative tendency in women and children trade is present even today. For the reason of its complicacy the present situation requires a complex approach that would provide:

Actions of prevention of women and children trade by means of conducting of special seminars for secondary school pupils, students of colleges and universities and women who intend to travel abroad;

Training of specialists such as psychologists, teachers, social workers, police officers, lawyers with the purpose of providing victims of such trade with professional psychological and legal assistance;

Presenting in mass media the threat of women and children trade, publication of special booklets and posters;

Establishing hot lines and consulting offices in countries of residence on the basis of representative offices of the Center for Ukrainian citizens where they would be able to obtain legal and psychological assistance.

The aim of the program with the estimated term of realization of 3 years, is preparation of specialists for prevention of women and children trade, providing special knowledge to minors, young people and women that intend to go abroad concerning their behavior in case of any threats to their right for free choice and distribution of information about women and children trade in the society. The long-term purpose that will be achieved in the result of project implementation is establishment of Reception office and consulting center for women and children that suffered the illegal exploitation.

With the purpose of successful realization of the program the following steps should be undertaken:

Conducting 30 specialized one-day seminars for high school pupils. 50% of these seminars should be conducted in the in villages and small towns as 48% of victims lived in small towns and district centers. Seminars will be conducted with participation of social workers, police officers and psychologists. The following issues will be discussed: “How the recruitment is conducted,” “Protecting of personal rights abroad”, “Legislation of the country of visit”, “Assistance of Consular establishments of Ukraine in foreign countries”, etc.

Conducting of 30 seminars for college and university students who intend to travel abroad on subject: “What to do if problem occurs when being abroad” with participation of professional psychologists and police.

Specialized three-day training seminars of psychologists, social workers, lawyers preparing them for working with victims of illegal exploiting. It is planned that participants will go through training on subjects: “Fundamentals of correction of post-traumatic disorders”, “Consulting Skills”, “Listening Techniques” ,”Main Methods Of Listening”.

Training of volunteers for working with women and children who suffered different kinds of exploiting. It is planned to conduct training and methodological seminars in small groups of 10-12 participants during 3 days. Totally it is planned to conduct 5 training sessions.

To conduct in cooperation with the MIA of Ukraine two national scientific seminars with involvement of the leading specialists from all the regions of Ukraine.

To publish five kinds of booklets and calendars, ten kinds of posters aimed to prevention of women and children trade. The number of each category of published products – 1000 copies. All kinds of published materials will be distributed free.

Establishing of reception office and consulting office for the victims of exploiting with the goal of providing them with professional social, psychological and legal assistance.

Establishing of reception offices in foreign countries with the greatest number of employees from Ukraine, i.e. in Poland, Italy, Germany, Russia with the purpose of providing of preventive psychological and legal assistance to citizens of Ukraine in these countries.

Organization of functioning of hot lines on the basis of foreign Representative offices of the Center with the purpose of providing operative assistance to Ukrainian citizens.

The preparation for conducting of the Second World Congress of Human’s Spiritual Life with the association “Spiral of Peace” (Velgelm Augustat, Austria), Crimean Association “Peace through the Culture” with the support of the President of Ukraine and Crimean Governemnt.

There is almost no effect attempts to reach human and ethical concordance as the basis of cultural development and humanity wellbeing under the conditions of globalization and multiraces societies, nations, nationalities, religions and other beliefs.

“New World” Project. Eniology – as the knowledge of the 21-st century – is to shape this outlook and give the arguments on exsistance of the thin substance determined by consciousness in the Universe and a human being as well. The harmony between the Universe and the human is a receipt of health and happiness and disharmony results in diseases, disasters and wars.

In the medicine Eniology is developing preventive methods to protect millions of people against possible diseases, and milliards of US dollars could be saved. This policy might find its way in social programmes with the future life-level rising in Ukraine and in the other countries. Therefore, Eniology methods allow to treat difficult curable and almost incurable patients, rise the health condition, life duration and work effectiveness.

Eniology allows to detect mineral mines, and open up new ecologically pure sources of energy. It also possible to grow natural friendly food (without chemicals) as the Western Europe does. In the end the development of the generation and society based on moral principles, and new world outlook results in the high economical level and saving milliards of dollars.

“Society Will Not Be Healthy, If A Mother Is Ill Programme” aims at:

establishing of the first non-commercial center with the possible additional diagnosis, screening, the individual preventive treatment and social assistance. The center should renew the faith of a woman to society and become the place of the cultural regeneration.

The main outlines of the project should involve:

The first cultural and medical preclinic diagnosis and treatment center establishment (attention is paid to non-tradition methods of treatment). The work of the center should be on the church basis or under its active guidance. It may restore the period when the church patronized opening and taking care of hospitals and schools.
According to its local character the project demands no huge expenses and, thus, self-repayment project.

The first real church and society consolidation (through medical assistance). The programme will assist in religion preserving and restoring.

The assistance to people in need without spending much money, and church image increasing (through financial expenses).

The center and its parts are built-up on the mobile basis and can be used for “immediate assistance” at places.

There are representatives in Autonomic Republic of Crimea, Transcarpathian, Kharkiv, Ternopil Region, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy and Germany. Canada and Russia are planned to establish the same centers. The center develops close cooperation with Lviv Association “Green Peace” on environmental protection matters and in the field of overcoming the consequences of Chornobyl disaster.